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When I found out that I was expecting twins it was a big surprise! I was excited but also a little apprehensive. I was asked at my first midwife appointment whether or not I wanted to breastfeed. I answered 'yes' but that as I was going to have TWO babies I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself. I thought that if it didn't work out it wouldn't be a problem, I'd just bottle feed.

However, as I went through my pregnancy, I decided that I didn't want to compromise on what was best just because I would have two babies to feed. I knew that breast milk is best for all babies, so - I was just going to have to work a little harder!


When my babies arrived we certainly didn't find breastfeeding easy and to help me to keep going when it was tough I set myself targets. Some times they were really short, like just getting to the end of the day. I just kept challenging myself and the longer I persevered the more I was determined to succeed!


A few weeks in I found some amazing support which also helped me to carry on and achieve my goals. The encouragement of other people who had breastfed their babies was incredibly valuable. I didn't feel so alone and it helped me worry less about the continuing changes and challenges.


In a nutshell these are the things that helped me to successfully breastfeed my


20 months

4 days

2 months

5 months

Sally, mother to Elliot and Martha.

My name is Amanda and I have triplets! George & Henry (identical boys) & Ellie. They were born at 35 weeks. We were in hospital for 3 weeks after their birth and as a result I had help and advice on hand at each feed which I found invaluable whilst establishing feeding in those early days.


I was also put in touch with another triplet mum who had successfully breastfed, which was also a huge help, having encouragement and support from another mum who had 'been there'.


I was so grateful for the support that I received, and strongly feel that all breastfeeding mums should have access to support and information, should they need it.


It was this that inspired me to become a breastfeeding peer supporter.

Being a peer supporter is very rewarding. It is fantastic seeing mums with their new babies growing in confidence & sharing in their joy at successfully breast feeding. It is also wonderful working as part  of a team, I have made many great friends with other peer supporters with in our group.

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